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Estate Planning News & Updates
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Action List for Survivors
Estate Planning and Will Drafting
Estate Planning Questionnaire for Clients
A Last Will and Testament vs. Revocable Living Trust
Potential Tax Issues for 2013
2010 Carry-Over Basis Memo
Alaska Qualified Tuition Plans
Drafting and Other Suggestions to Enhance Creditor Protection in Self-Settled Spendthrift Trusts
Estate Planning In The 21st Century 2013
Estate Planning For The Benefit of Pets
Personalizing The Marriage Contract
Probate In Alaska
Reviewing Your UTMA Accounts
Estate Planning for Parents with Young Children
Do I Really Need to File a 706
Portability: What You and Your Clients Must Know-2013
File Your Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act (AS 13.48)
IRS Notice 2017: Account Transcripts as Substitutes for Estate Tax Closing Letters
Advanced Health Care Directives vs. DNR Orders
Minimizing State Estate Taxes
Alaska’s Access to Digital Assets Act and How It Affects You

Business Planning:
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Buy-Sell Agreements Are a Prescription for Continued Business Health
Choice of Entity: Which Entity is Best for Me?
Transaction Questionnaire
Limited Liability Company Questionnaire
New Taxes on Earned and Unearned Income in 2013
How to Dissolve an Alaska Limited Liability Company
Preserving a Corporation’s or LLC’s Veil of Limited Liability in Alaska
Workers’ Compensation Coverage Requirements

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Alaska Bar Association
Anchorage Law Library
American College of Trusts and Estates Counsel